Abstracts for Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference due April 15th

The Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference 2013 isthe premier event focused on understanding behavior and decision-making with respect to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. Annually, 700 participants come together to share new research, discuss innovative policy and program strategies, build networks, and find potential partners for collaboration.

Abstracts due: April 15, 2013!  

BECC brings together a range of academics, practitioners, and policy-makers from a variety of fields engaged in energy and climate efforts in order to provide the latest and most relevant behavioral research, best practices, and methodologies. The organizers value abstracts from all relevant disciplines concerned withhuman behavior, society, and culture, especially work from applied anthropology, social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational behavior, political science, communications, and the cognitive sciences.

We seek500 word abstracts that address such issue sectors as building & technology design and usage (residential and commercial), transportation, urban design, and sustainable consumption (e.g., food, water, and waste). Abstracts should offer new research findings and/or documented examples of behavior change pilots, programs, or trials. Abstracts shouldnot be a discussion topic, a marketing presentation, or a review or summary of already established work.

BECC Conference