Call for proposals : Black Communities: A Conference for Collaboration due 11/14

We are seeking proposals from community members, university researchers, independent scholars and students to actively participate in the conference!

• Proposals are due by November 14th, 2017
• Proposals should be submitted online at
• Written proposals should be no more than 250 words
• Audio or short video proposals are welcome & should be no more than 5 minutes in length
• Multiple proposal submissions from an individual or group are acceptable
• All proposals should be accessible to a broad, diverse audience
• Selections and notifications will be made by mid-January

Types of Proposals

Oral Presentation about your work or research


Working Group for 6-12 people to explore a very specific, shared concern

Panel Discussion for you and others to discuss an important topic


Workshop on useful skills or knowledge


Pop-Up Presentation showcasing an academic poster, photography, artistic performance or video


Examples of Topics

  • Successful Researcher-Community Collaborations
  • Local Histories
  • Black Communities in the Era of Trump
  • The Black Church and the Role of Religion
  • Environmental Racism and Justice
  • Cultural Tourism and Destination Marketing in Historic Black Communities
  • Archiving Family Artifacts
  • Health, Nutrition and Health Disparities
  • Economic Revitalization and Development
  • Criminal Justice
  • Black Beauty, Perceptions and Appropriations
  • Racial Violence and White Terror in the 21st Century
  • Soulfood and Black Foodways
  • Eliminating the Academic Achievement Gap
  • Cultural and Historical Memory
  • Social Movements and Activism
  • Why Black Communities Matter
  • Black Families
  • Gentrification, Ownership, and Community
  • Land-Trust
  • Negro Spirituals, Blues, Rock n Roll, Soul, Hip-Hop and the Future of Black music
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Self-care and Mental Health
  • Organizing for Community Change
  • Building Black Wealth

Please note that these are only examples.
We are relying on you to help define the most important topics and themes for the conference!