Congratulations to the 2014 Graduates!

Congratulations to our 2014 graduates!


Dr. Jennifer Brisbane- “Historical Relationships Between Land Evaluation and Socioeconomic Status in New York City: A Mixed Methods GIS Approach”, Advisor: Professor Juliana Maantay

Dr. Moira Conway- “Gravity Modeling of Casinos in the United States: A Case Study of Philadelphia”, Advisor: Professor John Seley

Dr. Jennifer Cox- “Suburban Heat Islands: The Influence of Residential Minimum Lot Size Zoning on Surface Heat Islands in Somerset County, New Jersey”, Advisor: Professor William Solecki

Dr. Katera Moore- “In Harm’s Way: How Philadelphia’s Urban Renewal Practices Steered Marginal People to Marginal Land”, Advisor: Professor Kenneth Gould

Dr. Edward Rice- “Long-Term Warming and the Size and Phenology of Long Island Sound Plankton”, Advisor: Professor Gillian Stewart

Dr. David Spataro- “We Work, We Eat Together: Anti-Authoritarian Mutual Aid Politics in New York City, 2004-2013”, Advisor: Professor Cindi Katz

Dr. Hanii Takahashi- “Study of Tropical Deep-Convective Processes and Water Vapor Variations Using NASA A-Train Data and Geostationary Satellite Observations”, Advisor: Professor Zhengzhau (Johnny) Luo

Dr. Xiyan Xu- “Numerical Study of Canopy Flows in Complex Terrain”, Advisor: Professor Chuixiang Yi

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