12/7 Colloquium: Chuixiang (Tree) Yi on Forest Resilience and Climate Change

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Date(s) - 12/07/2017
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Science Center Room 4102


Please join us for the last GEOS colloquium of 2017 on 12/7 in room 4102.  EES and Queens College Professor Dr. Chuixiang (Tree) Yi will present on Forest Resilience and Climate Change.  Reception to follow.


About the presenter: The overall goal of Dr. Yi’s research is to find links between carbon and climate: (1) seeking observational evidence of how climate controls terrestrial carbon sequestration from eddy-flux measurements; (2) modeling of how carbon dynamics changes climate through a climate-feedback model.   On a large scale, the research group is trying to extract a simple picture (or theory) to understand the carbon-climate dynamics at biome level generally.   On a small scale, the research group is focusing on turbulent transport processes of carbon, water, heat, and momentum over complex forested-terrain. Scientific problems my group is trying to solve include: (I) turbulent transport theory within a forest layer, which is a persistent knowledge gap because the classic theories do not work within canopies; (II) advection issues caused by complex terrain in eddy-flux measurements; (III) instability of forest flows over complex terrain; and (IV) land-surface parameterization of weather and climate models including vegetation-layer dynamics.

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