GC Conference Presentation Support Application

Attached is the Fall 2014 Conference Presentation Support Application.  Please forward the attached instructions and .pdf writeable application to your eligible students.  Fall 2014 applications are for participation at scholarly conferences between June 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.  We will start accepting the Fall 2014 applications on Monday, September 8.  The instructions and application can also be found on the Graduate Center’s webpage.  From the GC Homepage → Prospective & Current Students → Student Life → Resources → Conference Presentation Support.  The link is:



Students must attach to their application documentation of acceptance to present or participate at the conference, i.e., a letter or email confirmation from the conference organizers stating that their abstract, presentation proposal, or research project has been accepted for conference presentation.  And to receive this funding, their academic affiliation MUST be listed as The Graduate Center, CUNY in the conference program, printed and/or online.