Adjunct Faculty Position to teach URBAN ECOLOGY at @TheNewSchool in Fall 2016

Late Notice: Adjunct Faculty Position to teach “URBAN ECOLOGY” at The New School in Fall 2016: The New School is looking for an excellent ecologist to teach an Urban Ecology course at The New School in Fall 2016 (and potentially in Spring 2017 as well).  This course is an introductory principles of ecology course at the undergrad level with an emphasis on urban systems that is core foundation in their urban focused Environmental Studies Program.  The course meets T/TH at10:00-11:40am during the fall 2016 semester.
Course Description: Urban ecology is a core course for the Environmental Studies major and will prepare you for other environmental studies courses in the program as well as related programs across the university. We will focus on the key concepts co-occurring in all ecological systems such as population, community, ecosystem, and landscape ecology as well as a focus on biodiversity, habitat conversion, climate change, especially in cities and urban areas. In this context, understanding urban ecology (how biological organisms interact with each other and their environment in an urban world) is crucial to understanding how the natural world works, how ecology in cities is different or similar to non-urban systems, and how to better manage ecosystems in cities for urban sustainability and resilience.
Interested instructors should contact ASAP.