New Course: Mediating Race: Technology, Performance, Politics, and Aesthetics in Popular Culture.

 Cathy Davison is teaching with Prof Racquel Gates, “Mediating Race: Technology, Performance, Politics, and Aesthetics in Popular Culture.”   Although it has an English program number on CUNY First,  it’s not on the English Dept website or program grid and I hear students are confused.  We’re trying to get out the word through other means. Here’s the link to the syllabus:


Anyone having a difficult time registering on CUNY First, can contact Cathy Davidson, directly, for help (

This is a great class for anyone who is teaching (especially college and secondary school) or plans to teach.  This is a course which focuses on pedagogy and active learning as much as on the crucial question of how to approach media representations of race and people of color with sensitivity and insight, a major issue that every teacher encounters at some point.  The class will be using Racquel Gate’s great new book Double Negative as a core text for understanding how difficult, seemingly racist or racially complex and ambivalent, media, films, tv shows, games, texts and artifacts, can be discussed productively in class, without immediate dismissal as “radical” or “reactionary,” “racist” or “nationalist…