OpenCUNY Position

Job Announcement
Doctoral Students’ Council’s OpenCUNY
Applications due: May 7th, 2013

The DSC seeks candidates for the following open positions at OpenCUNY: •
Coordinator for Planning & Development
• Coordinator for Organizing & Action

OpenCUNY advocates on behalf of and provides Graduate Center students
access to free and open source digital media, with attention given to the
CUNY-wide free and open source digital media situation and its relations
with Graduate Center students.

Each new coordinator will serve from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, with
the possibility of reappointment, and be paid an annual stipend of
approximately $6300, which is paid in monthly stipends throughout the
Applicants must be matriculated Graduate Center students with web
development experience relevant to WordPress.

The successful applicants will join Maggie Galvan (Coordinator for
Education & Support) and together will be responsible for:
• facilitating communication and decision-making among the OpenCUNY
Board, • performing maintenance on the digital medium, administering
accounts and requests, • ensuring the reliability of the medium and
adoption of open standards,
and • ensuring that all activities of OpenCUNY are in compliance with the
Constitution and Bylaws.

The open position of Coordinator for Planning & Development shall be
responsible for:
• publicly maintaining an updated Terms of Participation and policies;
• ensuring meetings of the OpenCUNY Board; • performing system upgrades
and plugin/theme installation in
consultation with the Coordinator for Education & Support; • assessing
developments in free and open source software, with the aim
of identifying new services to offer.

The open position of  Coordinator for Organizing & Action shall be
responsible for: • serving as primary liaison to other DSC affiliates, as
well as the DSC
Steering and Executive Committees;
• developing, extending, & integrating action-oriented media within the
OpenCUNY medium;
• fostering connections with organizations who share OpenCUNY’s mission;
• coordinating and conducting on-site documentation of activities
to OpenCUNY’s mission and scope.

Please indicate for which position you are applying. If applying both
positions, please address this in your cover letter. Forward CVs and cover
letters to Eero Laine, DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs by Tuesday, May
7th, 2013:
Doctoral Students’ Council | Robert E. Gilleece Student Center | Room 5495
The Graduate Center, CUNY | 365 Fifth Avenue | New York, NY 10016-4309