Three Research Opportunities at NSF and NOAA

Here are three research opportunities from NSF and NOAA:

1. 2014 Interagency Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Disease Program – deadline -November 20, 2013
[Proposals] should focus on the determinants and interactions of transmission among humans, non-human animals, and/or plants. This includes, for example, the spread of pathogens; the influence of environmental factors such as climate; the population dynamics and genetics of reservoir species or hosts; or the cultural, social, behavioral, and economic dimensions of disease transmission. Research may be on zoonotic, environmentally-borne, vector-borne, or enteric diseases of either terrestrial or freshwater systems and organisms, including diseases of animals and plants, at any scale from specific pathogens to inclusive environmental systems.
2. FY2014 Demonstration of a U.S. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (Marine BON) – deadline – December 2, 2013
The agencies are requesting proposals for one or more broadly coordinated demonstration projects in U.S. coastal waters, the Great Lakes, and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that demonstrate how an end-to-end marine BON can be developed. “End-to-end” refers to integration of observations and data across multiple scales of diversity (genetic to ecosystem, microbes to whales), time (instants to centuries), and space (in situ to satellite remote sensing).

3. FY2014 Marine Sensor and Other Advanced Observing Technologies Transition Project – Letters of Intent are due on 11/01/2013 Full Proposals are due on 2/21/2014
The Programs are seeking Letters of Intent (LOIs) from prospective investigators relating how their project ideas align with either of two topic areas: 1) a very broad topic of marine sensor transitions, and 2) a narrower topic of ocean acidification observing technologies to better serve the ocean observing needs for impacted or potentially vulnerable industries or stakeholders (e.g., fisheries, coral reef conservation, state agencies, others).

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