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Current Environmental and Geological Sciences Students:

Fredesvinda Bonotan Dura (Environmental and Geological Sciences)Research Interests: bioenvironmental chemistry, coasts and estuaries, water quality management
Advisor: Dr. Brett Branco
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
fbdura@yahoo.com and fdura@gc.cuny.edu

Brian A Brigham (Environmental & Geological Science; Queens College)
Research Interests: Nutrient Cycling, greenhouse gas production, and microbial composition in wetland systems.
Advisor: Gregory O’Mullan and Jeffrey Bird
Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Queens College

Elizabeth Chesebrough (Environmental & Geological Science; Lehman College)
Research Interests: Watershed management, system dynamics, mountain glaciers, climate change, developing nations.
Advisor: Yuri Gorokhovich

Mark J. Dempsey
Email: mdempsey@gradcenter.cuny.edu
Research Interests: Atmospheric Science, Mesoscale meteorology, Boundary Layer Meteorology, Land Base Remote Sensing, Satellite Meteorology, Urban Boundary Layer Dynamics, Computer Programming and Storm Chasing!
Advisor: Professor Jimmy Booth
Campus Affliliation: CUNY Grad Center, City College, CUNY, Adjunct Hunter College, Macaulay Honors College

Rui Ding (Environmental & Geological Science; City College)
Research Interests: Organic pollutants in the environment

Courtney Drayer
Research Interests: stable isotope geochemistry
Advisor: Joshua Cheng
Campus Affliliation: Brooklyn


Fredesvinda Bonotan Dura (Environmental & Geological Science; Brooklyn College, NYC College of Technology)
Research Interests: Water Pollution and its Control, Eutrophication, Sustainability Assessment
Advisor: Brett Branco

Heather Glickman (Environmental & Geological Science; Hunter College)
Research Interests: Aerosols and Climate

Paula Gural (Environmental & Geological Science; Queens College)
Research Interests: River and Estuary Ecology am currently working on a carbonate outcrop in Dutchess Co. NY. It formed ~ 500 My ago in shallow marine environment when the North American continent was located ~ 30o south of the equator. I am focusing my study on the environments of deposition, later structural deformation, U-PB in carbonates to date defomational events,provenance as determined by zircons, and biogenic components.
Advisor: Hannes Brueckner

Charuta Kulkarni (Environmental & Geological Science; Brooklyn College)
Research Interests: Quaternary palaeoclimate, Palaeoecology, Geoarchaeology.
Advisor: Rebecca Boger

Annesia Lamb (Environmental & Geological Science; Brooklyn College)
Research Interests: Analyzing nutrients and dynamics of freshwater and marine systems.
Advisor: Brett Branco

Ying Liu (Environmental & Geological Science; Brooklyn College)
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry, Environmental Analysis

Dhiman R. Mondal
Research Interests: Coast, estuary and delta
Advisor: Dr. Cecilia McHugh
Campus Affiliation: Queens College
dmondal@gc.cuny.edu, dhimandu@gmail.com

Lilja Nielsen (Environmental & Geological Science; Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Environmental Toxicology with special interest in endocrine disrupting compounds. Current research investigating the toxicological effects of mercury.

Diomaris Padilla (Environmental & Geological Science; City College)
Research Interests: Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences


Fernanda Santos (Environmental & Geological Science; Queens College)
Research Interests: Black carbon degradation and atmospheric deposition in soils; Roots degradation; belowground carbon cycling; soil ecology; Stable isotopes tracer techniques; molecular markers, GIS application.
Advisor: Jeffrey Bird
fsantos100 ‘at’ qc ‘dot’ cuny ‘dot’ edu

Joseph D. Sapienza (Environmental & Geological Science; Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Hydrology and Geology

Nicholas Steiner (Environmental & Geological Science; City College)
Research Interests: Urban Aerosols, Remote Sensing, Ocean Color

Kamila Wisniewska (Environmental & Geological Science; Hunter College)
Research Interests: Climate Change, Ocean/Atmosphere Interactions, Ocean Models.
Advisor: Haydee Salmun

Xiyan Xu (Environmental & Geological Science; Queens College)
Research Interests: vegetation-atmosphere interaction in the atmospheric boundary layer and seeking numerical solutions to the scalar transfer over forested hills.
Advisor: Chuixiang Yi


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