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Current Geography Students:

Hector Agredano (City College of New York)

Advisor: Jim Biles

Research Interests: Transport, Revolution(s), Mexican History, Contemporary Mexico, Marxism, Infrastructure, Narcocultura.

Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor in International Studies at The City College of New York

Ekaterina Bezborodko (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Education, Economic Geography

Matthew Bissen (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: The production of nature in urban cultural development, situated knowledge, spatial representation and everyday life.

Advisor:  Ken Gould

Stephen Boatright (Graduate Center) 

Research Interests: The Political and Affective Economies of Homeownership. Continental Philosophy.

Advisor: Cindi Katz

Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Hunter College

Morgan L.C. Buck (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: Rural geography, economic geography, surplus populations, postcolonial Africa, Ghana, Social reproduction

Jennifer Cox (Hunter College)

Research Interests: Not Specified

GM Culp

Advisor: Juliana Maantay

Research Interests: cartographic design, relief cartography, color vision confusion, hazard vulnerability, geographic visualization

Adam Davidson (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Yehuda Klein

Research Interests: Sustainable transportation, urban planning, bicycle sharing, policy mechanisms that enable infrastructure funding, traveling beyond the commute to work, open-source solutions to accessing public information

Michael Dorsch  (Graduate Center, Hunter College)

Advisor: Juliana Maantay

Research Interests: geovisualization and analytic cartography, environmental justice, energy, pollution and health inequities, hazard vulnerability, resource access and management

Rafael A. Mutis Garcia (Hostos Community College)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: Ethnobotany, alternatives to capitalist development/globalization, production of nature, enmeshed racegendersexualityclass analysis, the Global South, the Black Radical Tradition, linguistics, Indigenous issues & cosmologies, feminism

Eric Glass (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: GIS, Urban Geography, Cartography, GIS librarianship, geoinformatics, geospatial metadata and ontologies

Rachel Goffe (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Land; livelihood; class, race and gender; state formation and politics; peripheral economies; the caribbean; media for building movements

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Kristen Grady (Graduate Center, Lehman College)

Research Interests: Geovisualization, Spatial Analysis, GISc, Cartographic Design, Radical Cartography, Commercial Aviation

Advisor: Juliana Maantay

Campus Affiliation: Instructor in Geography and GIS at Lehman College (Dept. of Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences)


Ellen Kracauer Hartig

Research Interests: Salt marsh loss trends in coastal urban environments from sea level rise and multiple other stressors.

Advisor: Rebecca Boger


Olivia Ildefonso (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: institutional and structural racism, urban geography, housing policy

Hunter Jackson (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Borders, migration, race, the South, the state

Advisors: Rupal Oza and Monica Varsanyi

Kyeongsu Kim (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Urban and Economic Geographies, private-public partnerships (PPPs),  sustainable urban transportation planning policy, environmental justice, built environment, economic development, travel behavior and accessibility

Advisor: Tom Angoti

Pyung Ho Kim (Hunter College)

Research Interests: Transportation Planning, Space-time

Hildegaard Link (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Yehuda Klein

Research Interests: Rural/Urban Dynamics, Resource Management, Industrial Ecosystems, Bioregional Sustainability Modeling, Environmental Economics, traditional societies and sustainability


CL photoCaroline Loomis (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: Gentrification, schools, race and racism, resistance, cities, the state

Rakhee Kewada (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Immigration detention

FTC Manning (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Capital, economic geography, land and housing speculation, land rent theory, value, Marx, Hegel, Lacan, reproduction, crisis, uneven geographic development, state-finance nexus, struggle, revolt, The Thermidor

Advisor: David Harvey

Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor at Hunter College

Amanda Matles (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Politics of social reproduction, liberation education and participatory research, social movements, anti imperialism, feminism, critical cartography, visual research methods, film, video, and geography, subjectivity and urban space, historical materialism, green gentrification

Advisor: Cindi Katz

Campus Affiliation(s): Graduate Center Videography Fellow


Keith K. Miyake (Graduate Center)


Research Interests: Environmental justice, critical race and ethnicity, the environmental state, political economic geography

Advisor: Ruthie Gilmore

Campus Affiliation(s): Graduate Center

George J. Musa (Hunter College),

Research Interests: Medical Geography, Epidemiology, Mental Health, Risk Perception, GIS


Jack Norton (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: prisons, geographies of race, economic restructuring, de-industrialization, infrastructure, development, labor, urban-rural relationships, social reproduction

Campus Affiliation(s): Research assistant at Hunter College

Maggie Ornstein (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ken Gould

Research Interests: Health geography, specifically, the interaction between family caregivers and formal service providers. The ethic of care and the production of needs as a neoliberal attempt to create market. Urban food systems and composting.

Lydia Pelot-Hobbs (Graduate Center)Advisor: Ruth Wilson GilmoreResearch Interests: critical prison studies, social movements and grassroots organizing, racial capitalism, the U.S. South, statecraft, racialized and gendered violence, feminist methodologies.
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College/Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellow

Kate Schlott (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Population geography, political geography, development and modernization, critical race theory, indigenous space and migrations, Polynesian geographies and Postcolonialism

Advisor: Ines Miyares

Campus Affiliation: Hunter College

Deen Sharp (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Anthropology, architecture, Middle East

Advisor: Setha Low

Campus Affiliation(s): City College

BoatElizabeth A. Sibilia (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Cindi Katz
Research Interests: Shipbreaking, circulations and risk, maritime economics,
uneven development, dialectical materialism


Annie Spencer (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: Post-Green Revolution agrarian movements in Bangladesh and India; political ecology, uneven development and the production of nature; livelihood, reproduction and resistance under global economic restructuring


Atsushi Tomita (Hunter College)

Research Interests: Human Geography, Remote Sensing, Urban Planning

Laurel Mei Turbin (Graduate Center)

Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Research Interests: Geographies of race, the nation-state, nationalism, the racial state, militarization, imperialism, colonialism, environmental justice, land, ethnic studies, Hawaiian studies, Indigenous studies

Stephanie Wakefield (Graduate Center)

Research Interests: Philosophy, Technology, Urbanism

Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Queens College

 Angie Winner (Lehman College)

Advisor: Julianna Maantay

Research Interests: Urban geography, public health, environmental justice


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