AAG2018 EGSG Student Paper Competition Submissions due 3/10!

The Ethnic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) is pleased to announce its annual Student Paper Competition. Students who have completed a research paper to present at the 2018 AAG are eligible to submit their research paper for adjudication in this competition. The EGSG Student Paper Committee will evaluate all submissions based on written clarity, methodological rigor, and overall contribution to ethnic geography scholarship. The winner will receive a $250 prize, a certificate, a ticket to the AAG Awards Luncheon, and formal recognition at the banquet and in the EGSG Newsletter. If there is a tie between two papers/students, the prize may be equally distributed among the co-winners.

Paper submissions must be based on original research completed as an undergraduate or graduate student and must adhere to following:

  1. To be considered for the award, students must present their research at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the AAG. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the EGSG business meeting, and become active in EGSG student committee activities.
  2. The topic must be on some aspect of Ethnic Geography.
  3. The text portion should be double-spaced and not exceed twenty pages – the total length should not exceed thirty pages.
  4. Papers co-authored with faculty will not be considered for the student paper award. Papers authored by multiple students, however, are acceptable. If a multi-students authored paper is declared the winner, the total prize award may be distributed among the co-authors.
  5. Paper submissions must be sent to Jay L. Newberry (Student Paper Award Committee Chair) by e-mail. If there are essential graphics which cannot be sent by e-mail, the author may send the graphic by mail.
  6. The paper must be received no later than March 10th, 2018.
  7. The paper will be judge by the committee members on: written clarity, methodological soundness, contribution to scholarship in ethnic geography, and overall effectiveness. The paper presentation at the conference will not be considered in the scoring.

For further information, please contact Jay L. Newberry by e-mail: jnewber@binghamton.edu .


Student Paper Competition Award Committee:

David Kaplan, 2016-2018 [dkaplan@kent.edu]
Kanika Verma, 2017-2019 [kanikaverma@outlook.com]
Jay Newberry, 2017-2019 [jnewber@binghamton.edu]