Apply for the K Mitchell Memorial Prize for dissertation’s concerned with social justice

The Koonja Mitchell Memorial Prize

The Koonja Mitchell Memorial Prize will be awarded to a student in any Ph.D. Program at the Graduate Center working on a dissertation concerned with issues of social justice. Special consideration will be given to work on militarism and trauma.

To be considered for the prize, candidates must submit a 10-page dissertation prospectus, a letter of recommendation from their dissertation advisor, and a CV by email. All material should be submitted as attachments in one email. These materials should be directed to:

Elizabeth Small, (Women’s Studies)


The deadline for proposals is November 12, 2015.

The amount of the award is $ 750. The prize will be announced at the Center for the Study of Women and Society’s annual Student Awards event  in December 11, 2015.

2014-2015 Recipient
Rachel Brown, “The Emotional Politics of Migrant Labor: Domestic Caregivers and the Case of Israel”
2013-2014 Recipient
Carolina Muñoz Proto,“When I Heard about the March”: Peacebuilding Through Testimonies and Participatory Archiving
2012-2013 Recipient
Mohamad Junaid, “Being and Becoming in Kashmir: Military Occupation, Resistance, and the ‘Critical Experience’”
2011-2012 Recipient
Puleng Segalo Psychology, “In our own voices: Black women’s narratives of conflict and post-conflict experiences”
Sandra Trappan, Honorable Mention
2010-2011 Recipient
Kim Cunningham, Sociology, “The EMDR Machine: Sensory Assemblages of Memory and The new BioPolitics of Trama”
Marisa Lerer, “30,000 Reasons to Remember: Patronage and Artistic Strategies for Memorializing Argentina’s Disappeared”
2008-2009 Recipient
Shana Siegal, “Transgenerational Trauma related to the History of Militarized Repression of Indigenous Populations in Canada”