CFP: Green Campus Infrastructure at Vassar College

Call for Poster Abstracts

Green Campus Infrastructure

9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. May 8

Vassar College

The Vassar Environmental Research Institute will be hosting a one day conference about green infrastructure on college and university campuses. This conference is an opportunity to share and discuss the challenges of and strategies for implementing green infrastructure on campuses. We will explore costs and benefits, incorporation of green infrastructure into stormwater management and landscaping plans, and creation of educational and research opportunities. Our day will open with a keynote speech by Dr. Tom Ballestero, Director of the University of New Hampshire’s Stormwater Center, who will address the costs and water quality impacts of installing green infrastructure. The keynote speech will be followed by case study presentations of campus green infrastructure, lunch discussions, and an afternoon poster session. We welcome poster abstracts for the afternoon poster session. Possible poster topics include:

1) Green infrastructure case studies, including implemented and planned features

2) Green infrastructure costs and benefits

3) Green infrastructure educational and research opportunities

4) Student research projects relating to water quality, campus landscapes, and campus environmental quality

Please contact Laura Livingston (845-437-5834<tel:%28845-437-5834> or<>) with questions. Poster abstracts (250 words maximum), authors (including email addresses), and titles can be emailed to<> by April 9.