Director of Langmuir Laboratory in Lightening and Thunderstorms at New Mexico Tech

Conduct scientific research on lightning, and thunderstorms. Aspects of this duty include: writing grant proposals, and journal publications, attending and presenting at professional meetings, designing building and deploying custom instrumentation, and participating in field programs at Langmuir Laboratory and elsewhere. Interfacing with Langmuir Laboratory’s relationships with the FAA, the USDA Forest Service and other governmental agencies. Supervise laboratory staff and graduate students. Manage laboratory finances.

Ph.D. or doctorate level equivalent required area of study, Physics, Electrical Engineering or Atmospheric Science. Experience in proposal/ grant writing required. Experience in designing, constructing, testing, and operation of custom instrumentation required. Experience in dealing with radio communication (FCC) and aviation (FAA) regulations desired. Good interpersonal, communications and leadership skills required. Established record of referred publications in atmospheric electricity required. Must be able to qualify for a security clearance if needed.

Application Information

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Rosa Jaramillo
Human Resources
New Mexico Tech
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