#EESPublishes: Prof #RezaKhanbilvardi of @citycollegeny reviews #GDE (Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem) in @MDPIOpenAccess

Professor of Reza Khanbilvardi City College co-authored a paper in Geoscience called:

A Review of Advances in the Identification and Characterization of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Using Geospatial Technologies.

Abstract:   Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem (GDE) protection is increasingly being recognized as essential for the sustainable management and allocation of water resources. GDE services are crucial for human well-being and for a variety of flora and fauna. However, the conservation of GDEs is only possible if knowledge about their location and extent is available. Several studies have focused on the identification of GDEs at specific locations using ground-based measurements. However, recent progress in remote sensing technologies and their integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has provided alternative ways to map GDEs at a much larger spatial extent. This paper presents a review of the geospatial methods that have been used to map and delineate GDEs at spatial different extents. Additionally, a summary of the satellite sensors useful for identification of GDEs and the integration of remote sensing data with ground-based measurements in the process of mapping GDEs is presented.