#EESpublishes Prof Bandosz on energy harvesting in #nanoporous #carbon

Professor Teresa Bandosz of City College coauthored a paper in Carbon on:

Sulfur-mediated photochemical energy harvesting in nanoporous carbons


This work provides new insights in the field of applied photochemistry based on semiconductor-free nanoporous carbons and its application to sunlight energy harvesting. Using carbon materials of increasing average pore size, chemical functionalization to introduce a variety of O- and S-containing functional groups and monochromatic light, we have shown the dependence of the photochemical conversion of phenol in the confinement of the carbons nanopore space with the wavelength of the irradiation source, the dimensions of the pore voids and their surface chemistry. The photochemical conversion of phenol inside the carbons pore space was found to be very sensitive to the nature of the S-containing groups and the confinement state of the adsorbed pollutant.


Available online 2 March 2016

In press as of 3/8/16