Fall 2016 Course Information

This page will be updated as more syllabi are made available

EES 79903 Biosphere-Atmospheric Interactions

EES 79903 Clay Minerals and Nanoparticles

EES 79903 Past Climate Change: Looking Back to our Future

EES 79903 International Human Settlements and Climate Justice

EES 79903 Critical Child and Youth Studies

EES 79904 Water Resources, Hydrology, and GISc Analysis

EES 79903 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science

EES 79903 Raster Analysis

EES 79904 Environmental Modeling and Spatial Analysis with GISc

EES 79903 Environmental Geophysics

EES 79904 Ecology and Political Theory

EAS 31136/B9036 Statistics in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (sample syllabus)

EES 79903 or 79904 Soils in the Environment


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