Fall Colloquium Begins with Tammy Lewis on Greening Ecuador

Welcome back, everyone!
Join us for our first colloquium this fall–  Thursday 11 September at 5:30 in the Science Center (Room 4102 at the Graduate Center) with Tammy Lewis.
Tammy L. Lewis is Director of Macaulay Honors College at CUNY/Brooklyn College, Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College, and Professor of Sociology and Earth & Environmental Sciences at the Graduate Center.

Greening Ecuador: International Funding and the Rise, Fall and Revision of Ecuador’s Environmentalism, 1978-2013 Transnational environmental funding has significantly affected Ecuador’s national environmental organizations, including non-governmental organizations and social movement actors (together “environmentalists”). Non-governmental environmental organizations’ strength ebbs and flows in tandem with the amount of transnational funding. The national environmental agenda shifts in relationship to the purpose of transnational funding. During times of low transnational funding, grassroots social movement actors, who have operated independently from the transnational funding structure, have been able to shape the national environmental agenda. Non-governmental environmental organizations and grassroots environmental activists have differed in their agendas and in their support of the state’s plans for natural resource use. Through environmental organizations, transnational funding affects the state’s environmental and resource development policies. This paper analyzes the effects of transnational funding during four periods from 1978 to 2013 to illustrate its consequences for the national environmental organizations, and the secondary effects it has on the state’s development trajectory.