Free Interfolio Account + $90 credit

The Graduate Center has partnered with a company named Interfolio to provide online dossier services. As is now common practice, student portfolios can be placed online in an Interfolio account and accessed 24/7. The student works directly with Interfolio to establish a portfolio that can include letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, writing samples, dissertation abstracts, teaching certifications, student evaluations, and more.

The Interfolio system accepts and stores almost any type of information. Interfolio is an excellent way to store and deliver materials to an academic search committee or for further study. Interfolio maintains robust technological safeguards to keep documents private and safe. Once you sign up and upload your documents, the process for sending out materials becomes as simple as telling Interfolio where you want to apply and when.

The Graduate Center will pay for a one-time three-year membership for currently
registered students in addition to subsidizing mailing credits.

For more information, visit:
Interfolio for Current GC Students | Interfolio for GC Alumni & Former Students

if you already have an interfolio account, you can still use this!!!

log in to your account, go to your account settings/history page, then click on the renew link. select the 3 year plan and enter the code 2ACBUB.