IAGC Student Research Grants in Geochemistry due 12/1/17

Summary of Grant

The objective of the PhD Student Research Grant program is to assist PhD students registered in a recognized program at a PhD-degree granting institution in any country who is undertaking research in an area of geochemistry to acquire geochemical analyses in support of the student’s dissertation research. Beginning in 2011, student research grants are generously supported by Elsevier.

A PhD Student Research Grant consists of a grant of up to $3000 (US), the specific amount decided by the Committee, to support the analytical needs of geochemistry PhD students. The award also includes a certificate and an article profiling the recipient in the IAGC Newsletter and the IAGC website. Each recipient of a PhD Student Research Grant also receives a complementary 1-year membership to IAGC for the year following receipt of the award if the recipient is not already a member. Typically four PhD Student Research Grants are awarded annually, based upon receipt of one or more deserving proposals received, as determined by the Committee.

Authorized uses of Research Student Grant funds include:

  1. the cost of preparing PhD dissertation research samples for geochemical analysis
  2. travel to an analytical facility to undertake geochemical sample analysis
  3. the cost of geochemical analyses of PhD dissertation research samples

Application Procedure

Applications for Student Research Grant Awards are accepted through 1-December of each year, and funds are dispersed to winning applicants on or before 1-May of the next year. We are now accepting Applications for 2018 through 1 December. The recipients of each Student Research Grant will be profiled on the Association website, in the mid-year edition of the IAGC Newsletter, and in Elements magazine. You do not have to be an IAGC member in order to apply. If you would like to prepare for next year, you can download the 2017 application from last year to use as a guide:

Download the application form below to apply (available in two formats):