Introductions and qualitative GIS research on Transnational Relations, Ageing and Care Ethics (TRACE) at NUS (Singapore)

Two Research Fellowships and a PhD scholarship at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for research using qualitative GIS (qualiGIS) to study ageing and transnational care relations.
The project is titled, ‘Transnational Relations, Ageing and Care Ethics (TRACE)’. It consists of six components, of which four involves integrating qualitative research and GIS visualisation to flesh out the every geographies of older people in Singapore and Australia (and the transnational relations contained within).
1. Two Research Fellowships, one of which is earmarked for applicants who have intermediate to advanced competencies in GIS (spatial analysis), and knowledge of or willingness to do qualitative research. Details can be found at: The successful applicant will be asked to commence duties in January 2018.  Applicants are expected to hold a PhD degree (or awaiting conferment). The application deadline is on 29 September 2017.
2. One PhD Scholarship connected to the project, also commencing in January 2018 (although promising applicants requesting to start in August 2018 will also be considered). Details for the PhD Scholarship can be found at: application deadline is on 6 October 2017.