New Jersey, New York and Connecticut Sea Grant Programs CFP

New Jersey, New York and Connecticut Sea Grant Programs

We announce a special Call for Research Proposals, supported by funds awarded to the National Sea Grant College Program from the Sandy Supplemental Appropriations Legislation.  Proposals funded under the Coastal Storm Awareness Program (CSAP) will focus on coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The goal of CSAP is to save lives and promote public safety by providing validsocial science research and/or technology-based tools that could be used by the National Weather Service, emergency managers, the media and coastal communities in order to ensure that informed decisions are made by coastal residents during severe coastal storms.

CSAP seeks to better understand the mechanisms used to disseminate and receive coastal storm hazard information, the information being conveyed, the factors that affect whether recipients will decide to act on the information, and the actions that these recipients take as a result.

Available funds:  nearly $1.5 million

Research project duration: up to 16 months, 1/1/2014-4/30/2015

Maximum budget per project:  $150,000

Cost share:  none required

Indirect costs: limited to 20%

28 Oct 2013 – Letter of Intent due 4:30 EDT

22 Nov 2013 – Full proposals due 4:30 EST

The CSAP Call for Proposals is attached; it may also be accessed at:

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