Select 2016 Course Descriptions Available

The below listed Spring 2016 course descriptions have been submitted. Click on the link to access the description.

This post will be updated as more documents become available.


EES 79903, Geostatistics & Spatial Analysis

EES 79903, Seminar in Biogeochemistry

EES 79903, Isotope Geology

EES 79903, Intro to Petroleum Geology

EES 74000, Sedimentology

EES 79903, Politics of Public Spaces

EES 79903, Urban Space & Social Power

EES 79903, Environmental Political-Economy

EES 76500, Urban Application of GIS

EES 79903, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

EES 79903, GIS Modeling and Problem Solving

EES 79903, Spatial Analysis of Urban Health

EES 79903 – Urban Space & Social Power: New struggles and possibilities