Spring 2019 GEOS Colloquium

Spring 2019 GEOS Colloquium Schedule

5:30 PM at The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue | Open to the Public GEOGRAPHY| EARTH SCIENCE | OCEANOGRAPHY SEMINARS.  For more info, including locations, check out our events calendar.

Spring 2019

  1. 2/7 Simone Affonso da Silva | University of São Paulo
    “What is the Regional Approach from Brazilian Federal Public Policies?”
  2. 2/14 Denton Ebel | American Museum of Natural History
    “Planetesimal Precursors: Condensation and Accretion of the First
    Solar System Solids ”
  3. 2/21 Setha Low | CUNY ,Graduate Center
    “Panel Discussion of ‘The Routledge Handbook of Anthropology and
    the City’ ”
  4. 2/28 Mia White | New School, NY
    “ Race, Space, and the Wake-Work of Our Undercommons”
  5. 3/7 Tony Platt | UC Berkeley
    “Rethinking Crime & Punishment in the United States”
  6. 3/14 Athanasios Koutavas | CUNY CSI “Ice Ages and Climate Change”
  7. 3/21 Jessica Miller | Environmental and Human Geography, Montclair University
    “Constructing Historical Displacement Patterns”
  8. 3/28 Jisun Park | CUNY, Kingsborough Community College “The Principal of Noble Gas Analyses and the End-members with Lunar and Enstatite Meteorites”
  9. 4/4 Benjamin Black | CUNY, City College
    “Redox in Impact Melt Bodies from Fe-XANES and Implications for
  10. 4/11 Jeffrey Bird | CUNY, Queens College
    “Dynamics of Fire-derived Black Carbon in Forest Soils: Linking
    Structure to Biologically-mediated Turnover Rates”
  11. 4/17 James Hansen | International Research Institute for Climate and Society
    “To Be Announced”, Science Building, Room C201at Queens College
  12. 4/18 Jesse Goldstein | Virginia Commonwealth University “From Planetary Improvement to Energy Abolition: Against and Beyond the Transparent Energy of Whiteness ”
  13. 5/2 Yingwei Fei | Carnegie Institute , Washington DC “Exploring the Interiors of the Terrestrial Planets and Rocky Exoplanets by Laboratory Simulations”
  14. 5/9 Sam Stein | CUNY ,Graduate Center “Panel Discussion of Sam Stein’s New book ‘Capital City: Gentrifica tion and the Real Estate State’ with Sam Stein”