Tenure track job in Rural Development in the Global South @_SLU

Associate Senior Lecturer in Rural Development of the Global South at the Department of Urban and Rural Development

The Department of Urban and Rural development is seeking an Associate Senior Lecturer in Rural Development of the Global South. The appointment will be at the Division of Rural Development, at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Uppsala. The subject rural development is organizationally placed at the Department of Urban and Rural Development,
Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Department consist of four divisions; rural development, landscape architecture, environmental communication and agrarian history. In addition; the Department hosts the Center for Nature Interpretation (CNV). The Division of Rural Development consists of two
subject areas; rural development of the Global South, and rural development in Sweden and Europe. An international master’s program in Rural Development and Natural Resources Management, and a 4-5 year professional program in agronomy focusing on rural development, is offered by the Division. We are looking for an early career scholar within political
ecology of rural development in the Global South who has a capacity to work across disciplines.
Duties: The Associate Senior Lecturer should develop a research agenda within political ecology of rural development in the Global South. This can include critical perspectives on development and agrarian change such as; public authority, identity/subjectivity and citizenship, tenure and land use change, vulnerability and social inequalities or environmental governance. The Associate Senior Lecturer will also act as a co-supervisor of PhD-students as well as teach on basic and advanced levels.The Associate Senior Lecturer shall further undertake education in pedagogics, and is expected to meet the requirements for promotion to Senior Lecturer during this tenure track position.

The applicant shall have a PhD in Social Sciences such as; rural development or similar subjects within e.g. human geography, sociology, political science or anthropology. Eligible for employment as Associate Senior Lecturer are candidates who hold a PhD or have equivalent academic qualifications. Priority should be given to candidates who have received a PhD or equivalent
qualifications no longer than seven years before the application deadline. For an appointment as Associate Senior Lecturer the candidate must be scientifically proficient in the subject area of the position. Experience of research environments outside of SLU equivalent to a post-doctoral period, or a PhD degree from another university is expected. Good ability to express
themselves in written and spoken English is required, and the individual appointed is expected to work in Swedish within two years from the start of employment.

Assessment criteria:
On consideration for appointment as Associate Senior Lecturer emphasis is primarily put on qualitative indicators of the applicant’s academic skills. Furthermore, the assessment includes evaluating the applicant’s ability to develop an independent line of research with the research field, and to meet the requirements for promotion to Senior Lecturer in the context of the
employment qualifications. Social science research experience in topics related to political ecology of rural development or agrarian change in the Global South are extra merits. Experience from cross-/multi-disciplinary research is a merit. Importance will be given to communicative ability, and the ability to work across several of the present scientific fields at the department. Importance will also be given to administrative experience of significance for the positions subject matter content and duties. Teaching experience is a merit.
Form of employment: Employment is for a limited period of time (4 years) in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance. The appointment is a qualifying position and the first step in an academic career at SLU. An Associate Senior Lecturer is entitled during the employment period to apply for review for promotion to Senior Lecturer based on criteria established in conjunction with the announcement of the position of Associate Senior Lecturer.

Extent: 100 %

Starting date: By agreement
The scientific and pedagogic documentation submitted in support of the application shall be indicated in the application, and one copy of each document shall be made available to the Vice-Chancellor at the time of application. At most 5 scientific publications and at most 5 pedagogic publications, including popularized versions, should be submitted in support of
the application. In addition a complete list of publications shall be supplied; the publications submitted with the application must be indicated. When expert reviewers have been appointed, the applicant(s) will be informed to send copies of the documentation listed in the application to each one of the reviewers.
Application: We welcome your application marked with Ref no. SLU ua 4672/2015.
Please submit your application to the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden or registrator@slu.se no later than March 2, 2016.
SLU is an equal opportunity employer.
A guide for applicants “Appointment procedures for SLU” and a “Memorandum for Guidance in connection with applications for appointment/promotion to professor and senior lecturer at SLU” can be found at internt.slu.se.

Documentation of scientific, pedagogical and other qualifications must be presented in accordance with the instructions given in these documents. modernisation and renewal, and one of the most recent additions is the new university animal hospital –
the only one of its kind in the country, combining advanced veterinary care with frontline research.

Further information:
Cecilia Waldenström
Head of Department

Andrea Nightingale

Further information about the formal application process:
Ingrid Hemström
Administrative Officer
+46 (0)18-67 10 47