Proposals due for Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship on the Hudson River due 2/11

Proposal Deadline: Monday, February 11, 2019

The Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship program is a student research program conducted through the Hudson River Foundation in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Named in honor of the late Dr. Tibor T. Polgar, a major contributor to the early development of the Foundation, this program provides a summertime grant ($5,000 for each fellowship) and research funds (up to $1,500) for eight college students (undergraduate and graduate) to conduct research on the Hudson River.

The objectives of the program are to gather important information on all aspects of the River and to train students in conducting scientific studies and public policy research.

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2018 Tibor T. Polgar Fellows

The Hudson River Foundation and the NYS DEC awarded eight Polgar Fellowships in 2018.

Detecting Cyanobacteria in the Hudson River Using Fluorescent Sensors Suitable for Real-time Deployment – Corey Rundquist, Millbrook School

Role of Marshes and Tributaries in the Benthic Accumulation and Water Column Transportation of Microplastics in the Hudson Valley Watershed – Jason Randall, Marist College

Effects of Four Polymer Plastics on Crassostrea virginica Filtration and Retention – Erika Bernal, Montclair State University

The Effect of Salinity on Eastern Oyster Reproduction in the Hudson River Estuary – Kaili Gregory, Cornell University

Bugs on Drugs: The Influence of Redox Environments on the Microbial Degradation of Pharmaceuticals in the Hudson River Watershed – Michelle Zeliph, Rutgers University

Sexual Reproduction in Vallisneria americana Beds in the Hudson River – Carrie Perkins, University of Maryland

Painted Turtle Study in a Freshwater Tidal Marsh: Concluding Survey – Virginia Caponera, Drexel University

The Ground Underneath Our Feet: Investigating the Paleohistory of Ramshorn-Livingston Marsh – Elizabeth Thompson, Columbia University