UBC Post-doc in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

The Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia is offering up to three doctoral fellowships on issues connected to inequality, social change, and justice. View an informative poster online: http://bit.ly/WNSDOq .
Gender, race, sexuality and social justice (GRSJ) is an exciting interdisciplinary field of study where international scholars do groundbreaking academic work related to inequality and social change.
The UBC 4YF Doctoral Fellowships are competitively offered to the most promising candidates whose work have the potential to advance research and understanding in social justice.
The Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Socal Justice is home to more than 90 faculty and faculty associates whose expertise includes gender studies, critical race studies, critical studies in sexuality, decolonizing and post-colonial methodologies, cultural studies, history and literature, transgender studies, intersectional issues in health, and feminist legal studies. (See faculty and faculty associates, http://grsj.arts.ubc.ca/people)
Graduate students may participate in Social Justice @ UBC Thematic Research Networks, which explore themes including critical race and ethnic studies, critical nature and justice studies and indigenous pedagogies. (See Thematic Research Networks, http://grsj.arts.ubc.ca/social-justice-ubc-networks)
To be eligible, students must fulfill all admission requirements for the doctoral program, have a master’s in gender, race, sexuality and social justice or related field (or be willing to take extra courses to gain such preparation), and be committed to the pursuit of a PhD. Applicants interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact faculty with similar interests early in the application cycle to hone research questions and interests. Applicants are also expected to apply for any other funding for which they may be eligible (e.g. SSHRC).
Be a part of an academic program that is leading the edge of social change.
Learn more about the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, (http://grsj.arts.ubc.ca), including our research
Learn more about the Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (http://grad.ubc.ca/awards/four-year-doctoral-fellowship-4yf)