Voting now open on Referendum for Student Activities Fee @cunydsc


The Doctoral Students’ Council has been holding a petition drive in order to hold a referendum during the Fall 2016 semester. That petition received over 400 signatures from GC students, and was presented to and approved by President Robinson this week. Thank you to all those who signed, this is only possible because of you!

Now we ask that you please vote for the referendum here:[]

This FAQ has detailed information, but briefly, the referendum would allow the DSC to reallocate the $12 of the student activity fee that are earmarked for ‘health care services’ into the general DSC budget. Voting is now open until December 16th. Log in instructions, including username and password, are posted on the site. If you have any trouble accessing the site, please email Cecilia Salvi at Please note that 10% of the students registered this semester need to vote in the referendum in order for it to be valid.

Please know that the goal of the referendum is not to get rid of the Nurse Practitioner but instead to remove the earmark that is currently placed on these funds and regain control of this portion of the student activities fee. In doing so, DSC representatives would be able to democratically make a decision as to how best to allocate it every year. We are open to suggestions of projects, allocations or areas of the budget that you would like to see increased. Please speak to your program representatives or email for more details.