Radical Materialism: Making the World Matter 9/10

ICYMI starting next week
Radical Materialism: Making the World Matter

Wed, Sep 10 (All Day) | The Skylight Room, 9100
Stacey Balkan, Ursula Biemann, Morgan Buck, D. Graham Burnett, Omar Dahbour, Ashley Dawson, T.J. Demos, Elizabeth Ellsworth, David Joselit, Sean M. Kennedy, Jamie Kruse, Uwe H. Martin, Helge Mooshammer, Peter Mörtenböck, Rafael Mutis, Kate Orff, Micheal Rumore, Emily Eliza Scott, Elizabeth Sibilia, Lonnie van Brummelen, Jennifer Wenzel

Images and words can be reportage, witness, representation, and simultaneously also constructive, connective, material reality. How does the particular ability of images and words to hold all of these qualities act in a reconsideration of the earth’s resources? Continuing the James Gallery’s ongoing investigations into “things” and “objects,” this conference will open discussion on fossil fuel imaginaries, embodied research, postcolonial ecologies and eco-aesthetics, and the material/non-human turn with visual artists, literary scholars, art historians, designers, geographers, activists, and writers of literature and philosophy. Held in tandem with the exhibition World of Matter, the conference examines the creation of political worlds of words and images by approaching environmental crisis as a material question with deep roots and profound opportunities for the changing life of the earth. Click here for more information.