AAG Call for Papers-Energy Transitions


Energy Transitions

2015 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers
21-25 April, Chicago, Illinois

Energy transitions are inherently complex and prolonged affairs, and there are numerous unanswered questions about
the timing and nature of the transition to whatever comes after the fossil fuel era. These questions cross disciplinary and epistemological lines, making them particularly suited to exploration from the perspectives of geography.

Following the success of our four Energy Transitions sessions at the 2014 Annual Meeting, we are planning invited
sessions for this year’s meeting that will bring together researchers looking at a variety of different energy transition issues.

This is a call for papers related to transitions in energy sources and uses, along with the social, political and/or economic implications of those transitions. The domain is left intentionally broad in hopes of stimulating meaningful discussion and new insights that can inform policy, pedagogy and advocacy. Example paper topics and titles from last year’s meeting included:

* The Social Construction of Oil Pipeline Debates in Canada
* Control and Coercion in Renewable Energy System Deployment
* Community Underdevelopment and Environmental Injustice in the Coal and Gas Fields of Southwestern Pennsylvania
* Socio-economic Impacts of Utility-scale Wind Energy Projects in Texas
* Financing Renewable Energy in an Age of Crisis
* Public Response to Energy Information Systems

Please submit a title, keywords, and a 250-word abstract by 15 October  2014. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and please forward this call to others that you feel might be interested.

Michael Minn
Department of Geography
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign